About Us!

What's the site for?

The idea of having a site followed a spate of burglaries near us in late 2005/early 2006 when we found that friends a few roads away weren't aware of the Estate being targeted.
The idea was to help residents communicate with each other and find out first hand what's happening on the Estate.

Unfortunately, due to lack of time, we didn't get round to setting it up straight away. In late 2006, the Council sent questionnaires out about putting parking restrictions on some roads on the Estate but they only went to a handful of residents. We were one of the lucky ones and it seemed to us unfair to only ask a few when the issue affected everyone, so we set up an online survey using the site.

We had a lot of positive response to the survey and a few suggestions to carry on the site with news etc. once the survey was over. This is how the site started.

It's expanding slowly and as we realise something's a bit clunky or not very useable, we try to change it. Any suggestions for improvements or new content are always welcome.

Who runs the site?

We're residents on the Estate so are affected by all the issues being discussed.

The site's not our full time job so it has to be maintained in spare time. We do try to keep up to date though.

It's also not a business. We don't have adverts on the site (other than local small ads from residents) as that would take up too much space and detract from the articles. We don't make any income at all from the site either.

Thanks for looking at our site.

Updated: 13 Feb 2012
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