Home Security Advice

Physical Security

Any physical barrier will be a deterrent. If you have the rear of your house fenced off, remeber not to leave your bins out. They are the ideal height to help scale a fence.
If your fences are slid into concrete posts from the top, put a screw through them into the post so they can't be lifted. Someone jumping over a fence is a lot more visible than a panel lifted a foot for someone to sneak under.


Being in full view isn't idea if you're up to no good. There are a lot of motion detecting security lights on the market. They are even LED so very bright but consume hardly any p[ower. They are easy to instal either as complete units or you can add a motion sensor unit to an existing light.
If it's not convenient to connect a wire, you can get wireless sensors which can be placed anywhere and are battery operated.

Away from home

If you're away, ask neighbours to keep an eye on your house. It helps if someone can draw curtains.
If you're going to be out when it's dark, put lights on. These could be on a timer to come on and go off each day. Some timers can vary the start and end times too so that it's not obvious whether someone is there or not.

Remote control

Another option is remote switches and plugs, such as Wemo plugs. These allow you to control lights or anything plugged into the device remotely from a smartphone. The devices connect through home WiFi then just running an app on the phone allows control.

Full view

Security cameras used to be for big companies. There are now a good number on the market for home use. A lot connect to your home WiFi and an app on your phone can alert you when either motion or sound are detected. Some even offer the facility to move the camera remotely to be able to look around.

All these are ideas and don't aim to recommend any particular product. Look at the various options available and decide what's best for your circumstances and budget.

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